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Paintings by Antonello da Messina in Romania

Some years ago in Rome were many visitors to the exhibition of works by Antonello da Messina. See the exhibition website.
Rome, Scuderie Quirinale, exhibition year 2006

In fact, the paintings of this artist are not many and they are all beautiful. Antonello was born in Sicily around the year 1430 and died in 1479. Many of his works are in museums in the world, but some important paintings are still in Sicily.
For ancient historical events, a painting by Antonello is in the city of Sibiu in Romania. In this city of Transylvania, Samuel von Brukenthal created (XVIII century) an important collection of art.

the famous Crucifixion-Sibiu - Brukental Museum

The catalog of a museum in Bucharest (Mnar) attributed to Antonello da Saliba (relative to Antonello da Messina), a painting with the Madonna and the Child.
peinture od Antonello da Saliba

In 2008, Bucharest was organized a small exhibition of works by Antonello da Messina.
The occasion is good to remember two famous paintings by Antonello visible at Palermo and Cefalu.

all photos by wikipedia/wikimedia
Article in italian language: Antonello in Naples

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