Thursday, 22 May 2014

Parma, some nice places

Parma is a very nice city in Emilia region. This italian city is very famous for art and for food (ham, cheese, tortellini and more) made ​​by the inhabitants.
Great artists have worked in Parma and tourists must remember the following names: Antelami, Correggio and Parmigianino.
In Parma there are many monuments and several museums. In this blog we expose some photos.

Palazzo della Pilotta

Frescoes in the church of Santa Maria della Steccata
The frescoes representing virgins were painted by Parmigianino

photo- &copy alpav

The painting by Correggio in the cupola of the cathedral

medieval sculpture by Antelami in the cathedral-&copy alpav

cathedral and baptistery (photo by wikipedia -spaceodissey)

The tourists, however, should not forget to visit the church of San Giovanni Evangelista, beautiful rooms painted by Correggio in the monastery of St. Paul, the art gallery, the Farnese Theatre and other landmarks. Tourists who stay several days it is advisable to listen to the opera by Giuseppe Verdi.In the restaurants of Parma there are many good things and maybe some tourists will buy the famous Parmesan cheese or some good jam.
Article in italian language: Parma and baptistery

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