Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Verona, ancient frescoes and historical monuments

Between the end of the twelfth century and the beginning of the thirteenth century in Verona there was a notable development of the arts.

Tourists can admire interesting frescoes in the churches of San Zeno, San Fermo and St. Anastasia but also other works of art.

monument Cangrande-photo Eggbread (wiki)

In general people should not forget that Verona for several years was administered by Cangrande della Scala and other noble men who were very careful. Finally, the city was an important medieval center.

frescoes San Fermo church- 2 photos by alpav

San Zeno church -ap

For other frescoes have only a few memories and evidence. The artists were numerous and in any case should not be forgotten that the example of Giotto in Padua (Scrovegni Chapel) was important.
To know more, read: "affreschi gotici e giotteschi a Verona".

Of course we should not forget the many other works of art  and the archaeological evidence of Verona Roman period. 


old bridge over the river Adige-photo by alpy

historic square-photo by Alpy

roman amphitheater

the balcony of Romeo and Juliet-photo by Alpy

old monument-Scaliger Tombs


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