Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Florence, Palazzo Davanzati

In Florence there are some historic homes. One of these old houses is in the Palazzo Davanzati. This palace was erected in the second half of the 14th century by the family Davizzi. In 1578 the building was purchased by Bernard Davanzati. Then the owners were different.
Many vessels of the house around the year 1916 were sold in New York by the owners of the time.

Davanzati palace, photos by alb.pv. 2013

In the palace, now converted into a museum, are visible some frescoed halls. Tourists can see  the rooms of peacocks and parrots, some bedrooms, a dining room, a study room, the camera delle impannate, the kitchen etc.
In the rooms of the building are visible even antique furniture and a large collection of lace.

detail of a painting by Lo Scheggia, image from wikipedia

a room of the palace (old image)

The palace is called also Museum of the Old Florentine House
To read more: Museum of Palazzo Davanzati. 
Other important ancient houses in Florence are:  the Buonarroti family museum, Casa Martelli, Horne Museum etc.

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