Friday, 20 February 2015

History and art on the coast south of Rome

Some cities on the coast just south of Rome, have an interesting cultural heritage and remarkable natural beauty.
However, few tourists visit this area or sometimes just go to some beautiful beaches.
The ancient Romans loved this coast and had built some roads. A major highway was the ancient Appian that had on the way the temple of Jupiter in Terracina.
The ancients also appreciated the wine that is produced from dark times.
Even some Roman emperors had beautiful villas. Nero had a villa at Anzio, Tiberius had an important residence in Sperlonga, the emperor Domitian had a house in the Circeo, the orator Cicero summer resided in Formia near Gaeta.
The island of Ponza was used for the exile of some noble dissidents.

archeology in Sperlonga-photo alpav


In the medieval period and even after the most important city of the area was Gaeta. In this town there is an important seaport.

old church in Gaeta-photo ap

Gaeta has a special place called "montagna spaccata"

the bell tower of the Cathedral of Gaeta

old fresco-photo ap
many works of art are in the Diocesan Museum of Gaeta

old cathedral in Terracina

medieval area of Formia-photo ap

Even the gastronomy of this area is very much appreciated. A Gaeta tourists love the special pizza called "Tiella". Even in the islands of Ponza and Ventotene the inhabitants cook interesting dishes.

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