Friday, 4 August 2017

Malatestiana Library

The Malatestiana Library is an old public library in the city of Cesena (Emilia-Romagna). The library was open in 1452 and has now over 400,000 books and many manuscripts.

The interior of the building is also interesting because it was conceived by architects active in the early Renaissance (Matteo Nuti etc). The wooden portal is made by Agostino di Duccio.

Many tourists therefore appreciate the architecture of the building. Some years ago the Unesco included the place in the Memory of the World Programme Register


The catalog of manuscripts is also available online:

The oldest nucleus of the volumes was owned by a Franciscan convent. The oldest book dates back to the ninth century. The noble Malatesta family for several years increased the number of books by also taking some amanuensis (Jean d'Epinal, Jacopo della Pergola, Francesco Bartolomeo da Figline etc.)

Obviously in the library there are also miniature codes that sometimes have also inspired the merlattae drawings of the area.


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