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May 18 - October 1, 2017 in Florence: La Fabbrica della Bellezza. MAKING BEAUTY. The Ginori Porcelain Manufactory and its Progeny of Statues.

The National Museum of the Bargello opened the show on May 18, the exhibition The Beauty Factory. The Manifattura Ginori and His People of Statues, the first exposition made in Italy on porcelain statues produced at Doccia.

The exhibition is divided into six thematic sections. Interesting porcelains are many. The final piece of the exhibition is represented by the porcelain monumental fireplace.

For young visitors a kit was prepared in two versions: in Italian and in English.

To children is explained the origin of porcelain, the material that makes up the statues exposed.

Founded by the Marchese Carlo Ginori in Doccia near Florence in 1735 is the oldest such manufactory in Italy and is still fully operational.

The cover of an old envelope of the ancient porcelain factory. Currently several recent RichardGinori1735 productions are available on the factory's website. In Sesto Fiorentino you can see the historical collections of porcelain. 
Below is a historical porcelain photographed by a wikipedia contributor. 

Massimiliano soldani benzi, manifattura di doccia, pietà, 1745 ca. su un modello del 1711-13 ca.

The catalog of the Porcelain Exhibition of 2007

the book: porcellane e maioliche a Doccia
(Alessandro Biancalana) 

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