Friday, 8 September 2017

Ambrogio Lorenzetti

In Siena, in the museum complex of Santa Maria della Scala, from October 22, 2017 to January 21, 2018, a large exhibition on the painting of Ambrogio Lorenzetti will be open to the public.

The painter is particularly well-known to the tourists for the extensive frescoes ( Allegory of Good and Bad Government) that can be admired in the Palazzo Pubblico of Siena, but many other works are known only to the specialists. Consequently, the exhibition is an opportunity to get to know its different paintings.  Among other things some of his paintings have been restored recently.

Lorenzetti was born around 1290 and died in 1348 during the plague epidemic that came to Siena. Even his brother Peter was a good painter.  The style of Ambrogio was often original.
His works are also visible in museums in Boston, New York, Paris and so on.

Santa Maria della Scala in the Middle Ages was a hospice for pilgrims. Some rooms are frescoed. The museum is not far from the beautiful cathedral of the city

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