Sunday, 17 September 2017

Guido Reni in a small town in Sicily

After the earthquake in the Marche, it is necessary to find funds for the restoration of various works of art. Nicosia, a town in Sicily, to help take care of a small exhibition that includes a picture painted by Guido Reni and two other paintings from Ascoli Piceno.

The exhibition, open until the beginning of November, shows in particular the Annunciation of Guido Reni and two paintings by Giacinto Brandi.

Nicosia, while being a small town, houses several works of art. Particularly in the cathedral there are: a beautiful marble triptych by Antonello Gagini, a remarkable baptismal font, a painting by Jusepe de Ribera, a precious wooden roof with decorations of the fourteenth century.

entrance of the cathedral

the ancient wooden roof of the cathedral is visible on some occasions

In this Sicilian town there are other ancient churches and some historic buildings.

Nicosia: San Salvatore church

on the occasion of the reported exhibition are proposed cultural itineraries

Nicosia is in the province of Enna and until recently a dialect called Gallo Italic of Sicily was spoken. This is due to ancient migrations from northern Italy when in Sicily there were the first Norman kings.

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