Thursday, 28 September 2017

Lorenzo Lotto and his painting

Lorenzo Lotto (c. 1480 – 1556/57) was  painter of the Venetian school, but he worked often in other North Italian cities.
In particular, the artist worked in Treviso and Rome, but painted a lot in Bergamo (Lombardy) and in the Marche region. Obviously his paintings are now also in several museums. Visitors can sometimes see his paintings even during temporary exhibitions, but to admire his wall frescoes and some large paintings it is necessary to go to Italy. Sometimes you have to go to villages.  For example, a great Crucifixion is at Monte San Giusto, a small town in the Marche region. Some paintings are in small museums such as Villa Coloredo Mels in Recanati. We document a little bit.

Portrait of a Woman inspired by Lucretia
The painting is at the National Gallery in London, but was also exhibited in Washington years ago

Madonna of the Rosary
church in little town called Cingoli

Holy Spirit
church in Bergamo

Whenever possible, museums organize Lotto paintings exhibitions.

Art Exhibition in Rome in 2011

Art expo in Tourin, 2013, Venaria castle

At the National Gallery in London they are working on a future art exhibition 2018-2019

Lorenzo Lotto's frescoes are in Bergamo (church San Michele al Pozzo Bianco), in a chapel of a church in the town of Credaro, at Trescore Balneario near Lake Iseo and so on. Some centuries ago some of his frescoes in the Vatican were covered by other paintings.

fresco in the church San Michele-Bergamo

entrance for visitors to the villa Suardi in Trescore Balneario

fresco for the story of Santa Brigida in Trescore Balneario

Lorenzo Lotto made his last paintings in the sanctuary of Loreto. where he retired tired and poor. There are nine Lotto paintings in the sanctuary museum.


our composition with female faces 

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