Monday, 4 September 2017

Mimmo Paladino in Brescia

An exhibition on the art of Mimmo Paladino will be shown in various locations in Brescia until 7 January 2018.
The initiative is part of a multiannual program called BRIXIA CONTEMPORARY.

 Paladino: Specchi ustori, 2017, brass painted, photo © Pasquale Palmieri (Studio Esseci)

poster of the artistic initiative

a cloister used for the exhibition

In Brescia, a beautiful city not far from Milan, there are numerous archaeological evidence of the Roman period and interesting medieval buildings.
Several of these beautiful places and in particular the Capitolium area, the choir of Santa Giulia complex, the church of San Salvatore etc. are now used to exhibit the 72 works of Mimmo Paladino.
In the nearby monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa was also exposed for some days a work by the artist: Vento Orfico. It is painted on a table in 1985, preserved in the prestigious Galassi - Ferrari collection.
Mimmo Paladino forty years ago proposed his first personal exhibition in Brescia. Recently some works by the artist were also exhibited in Ancona (Mole Vanvitelliana) in the period May-July 2017 .  Paladino was born in 1948. Below is a link to an article in Italian.

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