Saturday, 16 September 2017

Pienza, exhibition by Florence Academy of Art

At Pienza a group of young artists from Florence Academy of Art until October 8, 2017 intends to make known some of the works of art recently realized.
Artists of different nationalities are sixteen. Beginners have been carefully selected by a commission.

The initiative is called "La forma della bellezza" and takes place in the old Palazzo Salamone Piccolomini.
The exhibition is in collaboration with the Biagiotti association for Art.
The town of Pienza is particularly suitable for hosting art exhibitions as the construction of the most important part of the village is due to the renaissance culture of Pope Pius II. The realization of some exhibitions of works made by young people has been planned by Roggero Roggeri and Sara Mammana. 

the town of Pienza in an old photo

the cathedral of Pienza 

Pienza is in the beautiful Val d'Orcia not far from Siena. In this blog you will find other documentation about the town and the area.


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