Monday, 18 September 2017

The Christian cross rediscovered

A cross dated 1143 was found in Bologna in 2013 during the work on the pavement of the portico of the church of S.Maria Maggiore. The stone cross was broken into fragments.

After the necessary restoration, the medieval cross is now exposed in the Civic Museum of Bologna.

Crosses of this type in the Middle Ages were placed over columns demilitarizing sacred areas. In the XII and XIII centuries in Bologna there were many of these columns with crosses. The following is a cross design in a book by Giovanni Gozzadini published in 1863.

The few found crosses are often visible in museums.
In the basilica of San Petronio there are four mysterious crosses. According to a medieval legend they would have been erected at the end of IV century by Sant'Ambrogio of Milan in four important points of the city of then. 
A popular tradition argues instead that the four crosses were placed a few decades later on San Petronio's initiative.

a cross in San Petronio church

Bologna in the Middle Ages had a good university and was home to many religious and secular organizations.
Two old towers (degli Asinelli and Garisenda) are the symbol of the city. The churches of San Petronio, Santo Stefano and San Domenico are remarkable.



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