Friday, 20 June 2014

Raphael and Bramante in a church in Rome

Not far from the famous Piazza Navona is situated the church of Santa Maria della Pace. In this place, tourists can see many works of art.

baroque facade of Pietro da Cortona
to the side of the church entrance to the spaces of the Cloister of Bramante

detail of a fresco by Raphael in the Chigi Chapel

Cloister of Bramante
the cloister was completed around the year 1504

old decorations in the cloister

entrance to an exhibition in the Cloister of Bramante

Inside the church there are several frescoes but the most popular are the Sibyls of Raphael. The famous painter worked in this church on behalf of the banker Chigi. Other painters who painted in this church are Baldassare Peruzzi, Rosso Fiorentino, etc..
Next to the church is the beautiful cloister built by Bramante. In the annex to the cloister are often temporary exhibitions of art. And some of these events are very popular among the inhabitants of Rome who love art or history.
When the church is closed people can see the Sibyls of Raphael from the top floor of the cloister.
For more info and other photos, see the article: Santa Maria della Pace e chiostro del Bramante
The photos above are by alpav 2012

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