Friday, 4 July 2014

Re-opening of a museum in Tuscany

After many years tourists can visit an art gallery in Prato. The art collection of the "Palazzo Pretorio" has been closed since 1998 and is visible only from April 2014.

Palazzo Pretorio, Prato-photo ap 2012

The works of art of the museum in Prato are numerous and are usually of artists such as Bernardo Daddi, Giovanni da Milano, Lorenzo Monaco, Filippo Lippi and many others.

painting by Bernardo Daddi-photo by Studio Esseci

painting by Filippo Lippi-photo by Studio Esseci

The museum also exhibits some archaeological finds and paintings of more recent artists. Some rooms are also available for temporary exhibitions.
From October 5, 2014 to January 6, 2015, the museum is organizing an exhibition with some paintings of few artists in the history of Italy

Prato is a city about 25- 30 minutes by train from Florence and here tourists can see many works of art in the cathedral or other places.

Prato cathedral -photos a.p. 2013

Prato is also famous for being home for many years a large Chinese community.

hotels in Prato 

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