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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

A painting by Caravaggio in Monza

From March 16th to April 17th, 2016 visitors to the Royal Palace in Monza, will also see a beautiful painting by Caravaggio.
It is the painting "The Flagellation of Christ" which is preserved in Naples.

Obviously in Monza there are so many other interesting things to see: the cathedral and the museum with many exhibits of the Lombard period, the villa of kings and the beautiful park etc.
At the center of Monza tourists also come traveling with one of the frequent trains departing from two stations of Milan. To see the Royal Palace you need to take a taxi or a city bus.

Cathedral entrance-photo ap

park of Royal Palace-photo ap

Arengario in historic centre-old photo


Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Tranquillo Cremona and other bohemian italian artists

Scapigliatura is the name of an artistic movement which developed in Italy after 1870. Now in Pavia they are organizing an exhibition mainly devoted to the painter Tranquillo Cremona and others.

a picture of the painter-photo press office ViDi

This exhibition will be open during the period 26 February to 5 June 2016 in Pavia, in the Stables of the Visconti Castle.

In the castle, tourists can also see the works of Daniel Ranzoni and Luigi Conconi.
For those who have never been to Pavia it is certainly an opportunity to visit many important monuments of Pavia and also the famous Certosa ( Charterhouse). The old and beautiful monastery is about 8 km from the city.
Even the Visconti castle has an interesting structure.

the Visconti castle 

the city and the park- Photos by Salento81 from wikipedia