Friday, 23 May 2014

Ancient mosaics in Rome

Many ancient mosaics can be seen in museums or in underground locations, but sometimes tourists can admire the beautiful mosaics in ancient churches partially built in the last period of the Roman Empire.
Some examples with our photos.

Mausoleum for Constance, daughter emperor Constantine mosaics IV century (via Nomentana, complex S.Agnese)-© alpav

Lateran baptistery (San Giovanni in Fonte), mosaics V century-© alpav 

mosaic -Santa Prassede

Other interesting ancient mosaics are in the church dedicated to Santa Prassede and attached chapel of San Zenone. Tourists can also see large parts of ancient mosaics in churches of SS.Cosma- Damian, San Pudenziana, San Marco etc. The most ancient mosaics in the basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore are in very high position for tourists.

mosaics in Santa Maria Maggiore-photo by MM-wikimedia

A tour for the mosaics is certainly interesting for many tourists staying for 7-10 days in Rome.
Very large mosaics are finally in the archaeological area of Ostia Antica. Tourists can also get there by subway. The mosaics at Ostia are often black and white.
The mosaics of Santa Maria in Trastevere are very beautiful but they were made ​​in the Middle Ages by Pietro Cavallini..

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